Summer 18

The Emmanuelle Khanh legendary bold style is everywhere in the new accessories line of the Maison. Bags, Pochettes, Gloves or hats are designed around details, handmade, materials and colors combination, surprising and strong.

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  • Bags

    The Emmanuelle Khanh bag is made with the noblest materials. Worn as a casual pochette, or as the chicest clutch, it will suit any occasion, any outfit.

  • Gloves

    The Emmanuelle Khanh leather glove has been thought as a new Classic piece. It’s strong design, the different influences and materials included in, bring to this piece the casual-chic, yet strongest personality.

  • The Minis

    The Emmanuelle Khanh Minis line gathers all the little accessories that complete the main accessories line. They have been thought and designed around the historical values of the brand. They are strong, funny, and easy to wear.

  • Hats

    Made by hand in the best French ateliers, Emmanuelle Khanh hats are as soft to touch than they are comfortable to wear. The designs are pure and the lines are straight, with plenty of details that make the pieces unique and strong. The Emmanuelle Khanh hats, for cold winters or hot summers are the new “must have” of the brand.