Made in France

The Eyewear has always been an iconic accessory in the History of Emmanuelle Khanh. It’s legendary boldness, audacious and strong, modern but always chic, each piece is stamped by the Emmanuelle Khanh aura. The lines are still straight and pure around the oversized shapes, or the more discreet frames. In acetate or in metal, colorful or darker, their unique designs are all created and made in France.

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  • Sunglasses

    Since 1969, when Madame Emmanuelle Khanh changed the glasses as a fashion accessory, the sunglasses have always been the historical piece of the brand. Made with a French secular savoir-faire, the original designs are created for any type of desire, ready to suit any kind of personality.

  • Goggles

    Historically inspired by sport and technological evolution, Emmanuelle Khanh re creates the goggles. The French savoir-faire, the colors and the materials used make the Emmanuelle Khanh goggles a real fashion accessory, as stylish as comfortable.

  • Optic glasses

    Optic glasses have to be considered and designed around these details that make all the difference. The more discreet frames or the most oversized shapes have to be combined to a perfect savoir faire that Emmanuelle Khanh has always kept, all over the years. The style of the Emmanuelle Khanh optic glasses always suits the modern, yet not too much, the surprising, yet not too extravagant, style of the legendary brand.