The history

Since 1969

  • 1960

    Paragraphe 1

    In 1969, after several collaborations with the upcoming names of fashion (Cacharel and Missoni), Emmanuelle Khanh launched her own women collection. She immediatly became one of the leaders of an avant-garde movement : the ready-to-wear.

    With the strong and legendary conviction that fashion should go beyond the limits of the Parisian bourgeoisie, Madame Emmanuelle Khanh viewed the fabrics, the shapes and the materials differently. Disrupting the Haute Couture traditions, her goal was to bring her fashion to the streets, therefore she accepted an offer to create exclusive models for the La Redoute catalogue.

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  • 1969

    Paragraphe 2

    She gets inspired by the active women, who need to assert both their femininity and their independence through a new silhouette.
    Being among the first fashion designer using revolutionary materials like plastic or Denim jeans, she made embroideries and knitwear her timeless and singular signature.


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  • 1972

    Paragraphe 3

    In 1972, the world just met the audacious yet casual, colorfull, fun and soon legendary Emmanuelle Khanh glasses. 3 millions pairs of frames had been sold all around the world. Emmanuelle Khanh had become the iconic name of a fashion revolution.

    Despite her visionary sight, wearing glasses is therefore essential for her. She found a way to turn them into a fashion accessory. She developed an iconic oversized eyewear line in collaboration with Guillet workshops based in Oyonnax (Eastern France).

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  • 1977

    Paragraphe 4

    In 1977, the designer opened her first shop on the left bank of Paris, in the very chic Saint-Germain-des-Près and the most important shops worldwide began to sell her creations. Over a few years, Emmanuelle Khanh played a significant part in contempory fashion History.


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  • 2016

    Paragraphe 5

    Today, EMMANUELLE KHANH Paris, with the fresh eyes of a young team and the best partners, still plays with the codes of fashion.
    Respecting the original intentions, they give women and men a chance to express their personality, with a unique style, accross eyewear, accessories and ready-to-wear ranges.
    After over 40 years, EMMANUELLE KHANH keeps on reinventing new perspectives…

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