Rectangular acetate eyeglasses

  • Description

    The male collection of the House combines the thickness of the acetate with the lightness of the bevels, sculpted in the frame, and bringing light to the eyes. From the new Emmanuelle Khanh men’s wardrobe, the EK 1994 frame reinforces the masculine look with its aviator line and intense tinted glasses. Designed and handmade in France with respect for the authentic lunetier know-how.

  • Size
    Boxing size = 54-17
    Branches = 145
  • Care

    Emmanuelle Khanh has selected materials of the highest quality to create your frames.

    In order to preserve them over time, here are our recommendations:

    • - To clean them daily, use the recycled chamois cloth provided with your purchase.
    • - If soiled, put your glasses under warm water and clean them with non-oily soap.
    • - After rinsing them, dry them with the recycled chamois cloth provided with your purchase.
    • - When not wearing you glasses, store them in their case, away from shock, moisture and heat.
    • - Keep them out of contact with alcoholic, greasy or abrasive materials.
  • Delivery
    Free delivery in mainland France.

    During its packaging, each product is prepared respecting the sanitary precautions required in order to guarantee safe delivery.