Lunettes de soleil rectangulaires en acétate

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  • Description

    Singular and creative, the EK 11820N frame proudly approaches its Zig-Zag branch. Thin, oversized, this model is inspired by vintage curves and revisits the butterfly in an extra-flat and oversized shape. Curved, the branch underlines the delicacy of the profile but also invites you to slip a chain into it. These accessories make up with the glasses a unique adornment, emblematic of the Emmanuelle Khanh style: a perfect match. Designed and manufactured in France with respect for authentic eyewear know-how.

  • Taille
    Boxing size = 60-14
    Branches = 140
  • Entretien

    Emmanuelle Khanh selects the highest quality materials for her glasses.

    In order to preserve them over time, here are our recommendations:

    • - To clean them on a daily basis, use the soft recycled microfiber cloth provided with your purchase.
    • - In case of dirt, run your glasses under lukewarm water and clean them with non-greasy soap.
    • - After rinsing them, dry them with the soft recycled microfiber towel provided with your purchase.
    • - When you are not wearing them, store your glasses in their case, away from shocks, humidity and heat.
    • - Protect them from any contact with alcoholic, greasy or abrasive materials.
  • Livraison
    Livraison gratuite en France métropolitaine.

    Lors de son emballage, chaque produit est préparé en respectant les précautions sanitaires exigées afin de vous garantir une livraison en toute sécurité.